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Beauty Artist

Vivian Kim

Learn from the best K-Beauty artist with 23 years of experience. From effective skincare to permanent makeup and eyelash extensions, to name a few, you will understand why students worldwide have chosen this BBC-featured artist.


Beauty Courses in Korea for Professionals

From Korean skincare, facials, makeup, and nail art to cosmetic tattoos, lash extensions, and waxing… all courses are ready for estheticians worldwide. Practice on mannequins and real humans to make perfect skills.

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Strictly Made-in-Korea Cosmetics

We have been closely working with our OEM, delivering the tested-and-proven ingredients and formulas to our students and their customers.

Open Your Franchise Salon

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity? We support your business – make use of our system, supplies, and regular education for your success.


Get the international diploma

Mikwang Beauty Academy is an ISO-certified education institute registered and approved under the Ministry of Education of Korea. It means you can get a visa to Korea with us and take enough time to learn and hone your skills to become a professional and start your own business.
In addition, you can get an internationally recognized diploma in our beauty school in Korea.

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Looking for a way to start or upgrade your career as an esthetician? Want to be trained as a cosmetology specialist in glowing skincare, less-is-more makeup styles, or cosmetic tattooing?
Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy has trained global artists from China, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Want to summon more customers to your salon? We are here for you to find out one of the best beauty courses in Korea.
Meet your colleagues from around the world on our YouTube channel.


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We provide all courses – from skincare, eyelash extension to makeup and cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup, to name a few.


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Numerous professionals around the world have chosen our exclusive beauty courses in Korea. Learn from our proven institute.


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You will have more questions as you proceed with our practical courses. Ask anything uncertain, and our experienced instructors will happily help you.

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