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Beauty Artist

Vivian Kim

Learn from the best K-Beauty artist with 20 years of experience. From effective skincare to permanent makeup and eyelash extensions, to name a few, you will understand why students worldwide have chosen this BBC-featured artist.


Beauty Courses for Professionals

From skincare, facial, makeup, and nail art to cosmetic tattoos, lash extensions, and waxing… all courses are ready for estheticians worldwide.

  • All courses are in one place
  • Trusted since 2014
  • International students

Clinically effective facial skincare

Korean and global style makeup

Cosmetic tattoo, permanent makeup

Nail technology art

Lash lift and lash extension

Wax hair removal


Only at Mikwang

Wake up in full makeup.

Imagine your customers amazed by the latest beauty science. Imagine again, as they will amaze you by revisiting your salon.

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More than just a technician.

Technic is important, yet we at Mikwang want you to be a true artist who cares about what is inside your customers’ minds.

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We have grown with professionals around the world.

Since 2014, pioneering global artists have chosen our courses.

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Connecting the World at the Center of K-Beauty

Looking for a way to start or upgrade your career as an esthetician? Want to be trained into a cosmetology specialist in glowing skincare, less-is-more makeup styles, or cosmetic tattooing? Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy has trained global artists from China, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Want to summon more customers to your salon? You are at the right place.


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