• Cooperation Process
    1. Student Exchaange (student exchange, Profit sharing negotiation)
    2. Setting-up lectures, assignment off Korean instructors (e.g.: partner company provide the place and students and Mikwang sends instructors,teaching materials and Korean certificate)
    3. Offering a chance to visit Mikwang academy and issuing Korea Mikwang certificate (e.g. graduation trip, academy visit program, semi permanent make-up, skin care practice education, visiting Korea, Korea Mikwang certificate)
    4. Participation in Korea beauty competition, Cultivation of international beauty talents (Mikwang supports registration, necessary materials and training for international beauty competition held in Korea )
    5. Host technical exchange meeting for new beauty technique and skills which are popular in Korea (invite staff of partner companies)
  • Process of Cooperation
    No.1 Submit background information and management plan
    No.2 Research on management information and marketability of partner company
    No.3 Formal contractual relationship is established after signing a contract
    No. 4 Enter a normal operation system
    Submission of partnership application after going through preliminary consultation-- Discussion of detailed procedure-- Sign partnership contract-- provision of systematic services
  • Conditions of cooperation
    (1) Beauty related business
    (2) Prior knowledge of Korean beauty industry or beauty industry as a whole
    (3) Project management and planning ability is required
    (4) Thorough knowledge of beauty education market and have personal connection in education industry or marketing experience
  • Korea Meiguang cooperation
    ① Beauty industry partnership: Mikwang provides technical knowhow and treatment and education by sending Korean instructors
    ② Beauty academy cooperation : Mikwang decides thee contents of the beauty education. We combine education and academy visit. We provide on-site education in partner company or in Korea.
  • Contact information
    Product Purchase: Mikwang provides not only technical knowhow but also products and high quality esthetic machine. Any customers can purchase our products.
    Contact: Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy (3 & 4 F of Indang Bldg)
    Address: 3&4 F Indang Bldg, 40 Usadanro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Korea
    Post code: 04349
    Customer care line: +82-2-790-1196
    Fax: +82-2-797-1195
    QQ Wechat: 2562682041/ hr10041009
    Homepage: www.mikwang.net


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