Make-up (1:1 Education 20% Theory Education + 80% Practical Training)
  • Basics
    Eyebrow trimming / Skin Foundation Base / Eye Line / Color Cosmetics (Shadow/Blusher/Lips)
    / Eyelash / Lip Make-up
  • Wedding make-up
    Base make-up to conceal blemish and contouring
    Color coordination for skin complexion (Pink/Purple/Coral/Orange)
  • Smoky make-up
    Eye Make-up (Crash course for Eye line and Eyelash), Vivid and defined eye expression
    (Sexy make-up/ Clubbing make-up)
  • Fashion make-up
    Bold color make-up used in a show
Han Bok (Korean Traditional Dress)
  • Make-up
    Graceful and clean concept make-up to
  • Glossy make-up
    Blemish cover and radiant water gross
  • Water growing make-up
    Detailed and natural skin expression (Brown Natural Contouring Make-up)
  • Party make-up
    Eye Make-up using white, gold and silver glitter
    Body (decolte, arms and legs) make-up using glitter
  • Cute make-up
    Baby doll make-up emphasizing on white skin and round and cute eyes
  • Celebrity Make-Up
    Imitating a specific celebrity's make-up
  • Individual Test
    Date or Lovely or Cat's eye make-up


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