Skin-care Course (Facial Foundation)
  • (1) Skin Care
    Definition of skin therapist and their attitude
    Flow of Korean skin care therapy
    Skin types and skin diagnosis
    Type of skin products and their use/preparation for a massage session
  • (2) Deep Cleansing & Cleansing
    Meaning of deep cleansing
    Type of deep cleansing and method
    Techniques of deep cleansing and cleansing
  • (3) Skin Massage
    Theory of skin massage
    The objectives of skin massage and its effects
    What consists of a massage? (direction, pressure etc)
    Massage Techniques
  • (4) Facial Mask
    Meaning of facial mask
    The function of facial mask (1st & 2nd)
    Types of facial mask and their special funcions
    Method of use
  • (5) Pore Management & Acne control
    Skin oil and water balance
    What is pore?
    Importance of cleaning pores & way to clean pores
    Pore and skin tightening / Definition and types of skin with acne
    How to cure acne? (way to pop a pimple/acne extrusion)
    The difference between oily skin and acne skin
    Water peeling deep cleansing
  • (6) Sensitive Skin Management
    Reason for skin flushing
    Diagnosis of sensitive skin / Analysis of sensitive skin therapy
  • (7) Multi skin therapy Comprehensive course for skin care machine operation *machine
    Ultrasound system/ Skin scrub/ Iontophoresis + ampoule spray -----> skin hydration, collagen & elastin stimulation, skin firming (electrical equipment is a must for effective and focused facial & body treatment)
  • (8) Aqua Peel
    Air spray
    Ion implantation
  • (9) High Frequency Therapy
    Facial and body treatment
    Combined effect of suction and high frequency
  • (10) LED Therapy
    Skin Brightening
    Skin regeneration
  • (11) MTS Therapy
    Skin brightening
    Skin hydration
    Wrinkle elimination
    Acne management
    Skin lifting
  • (12) Diet Management
    Qi Therapy
    What is obesity? /definition of obesity / cause of obesity
    Problems of age specific obesity/ obesity measuring method
    What is cellulite? / Cause of cellulite/ Method for a diet
  • (13) Skin Brightening Therapy
    Reason for pigmentation, management of pigmentation, skin brightening therapy
    Diamond peeling/ 24k Gold Therapy/ Vitamin & Ion Therapy
  • (14) Dry Skin Therapy
    What is dry skin?
    Diagnosis of dry skin and How to improve it
    Collagen regeneration treatment, Anti-wrinkle therapy
  • (15) Korea Luxury Beauty Salon (LBL) Business Program
    Exclusive program to maximize profit
    1:1 tailor made private lesson
    Mind control and customer relations program
    Hygiene maintenance program
    Esthetic salon management program (pricing, services and sales)
    Benefits of LBL franchise
  • (16) LBL Cinderella Therapy
    Therapy Program (11 subjects)


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