What is waxing?
Waxing is a way to remove body and facial hairs with melted wax. The effect of the treatment lasts longer because waxing gets rid of hair follicle and causes a lot less skin irritation.
Treatment area is various including the area around arms, legs and face etc. The treatment can also delay the growth of hairs on the previously treated areas because it weakens hair follicle as the process is done repeatedly.
These days, waxing is done for two purposes which are beauty enhancement and maintaining hygiene. Brazilian waxing which are wide spread in the U.S. and Japan is also getting popular in Korea since it is known to be effective to maintain women's hygiene.
The objectives of talent cultivation
Opening a business, Instructor, Medical Care, Employment of professional beauty shop
Curriculum (1:1 Education 20% Theory Education + 80% Practical Training)
  • Waxing Theory
    Understanding waxing theory / Understanding soft waxing and hard waxing / Precautions for waxing treatment and after care / The cause and solution of side effects of waxing
  • Explanation about materials
    Material Usage Directions / Waxing
  • And Directions
    for each body part (soft/hard waxing)
  • Practical Exercise of Waxing
    Face: Practical Exercise for Eyebrow, Forehead, Cheek, Philtrum, Chin, Hairline
    Body: Practical Exercise for arms, legs, back of one's hand, fingers, toes, back, abdomen, back of the neck line
    Brazilian: Practical Exercise for bikini line, brazilian intermediate/high level
  • Completion
    Acquisition of MiKwang Certificate and Waxing Certificate after lesson completion


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