Our vision of eyelash extension
Ladies living in a modern society have no time for their make-up. Eyelash extension is highly sought after by the women who want to have long and full eyelashes.
As more and more people visit beauty shops specializing eyelash extension, eyelash extension has established itself as being an important part of beauty industry.
Since the demand is rising, the demand for specialists in the field has been rising accordingly.
"Eyelist" which refers to the beauticians who are specialized in eyelash extension has become one of the promising occupation. Therefore, opening a small eyelash extension shop has become more and more popular among ladies since it can be done with small investment.
We believe eyelash extension business will keep being prosper in the future and now we have to satisfy our customers with more in-depth education.
Special characteristics of eyelash extension
Eyelash extension attaches synthetic fiber to natural lashes and make the eyes appear more defined thereby create feminine images. Lash extension can create eyeliner effect.
There are different degrees of curling types for lashes which are C, R, J. Therefore, one can choose appropriate degree of curling according to individual's eye shape.
It is also called petite cosmetic surgery since the treatment creates such a great impact enough to make a person look so different before and after the treatment. Therefore, the level of customer satisfaction is very high.
There shouldn't be foreign body sensation of eyes and the procedure has to be comfortable for customers.
Every step of the treatment procedure has to be satisfactory so that customers recognize our skills and revisit the shop.
Business Prospects
Opening a business (freelancer), Instructor, Working Abroad
Curriculum (1:1 Education 20% Theoretical education + 80% Practical Training)
  • Theory of lash extension
    The key factors of lash extension / About lash extension
  • Materials for lash extension
    Types of artificial lashes and their characteristics / Tweezers set
  • Putting on tapes
    Round eyes / Big eyes / small eyes / How to use eye patch
  • Lash Extension Design
    Designs for each curl type / Designs for each eye shape
  • Design for Lower Lash Line
    Step by step design process for lower lashes
  • Removal of eyelash
    Hand craft method – removal of lashes not required
  • Customer management
    Customer management / Customer Consultation
  • How to do retouch


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