Scalp Therapy and Hair MPL (Micro Point Link)
What is
It is a method to increase the number of hairs by 3-4 times and is suitable for the people who has empty patches on the head.
It is the technology to utilize one's own hairs and use the best quality flame retardent heat-resisting fiber to promote natural feeling texture. The thread is made by eco-friendly fiber is safe to be used on people and is excellent in flame retarding and heat resisting.
The thread is ultra light, so there's no worries of weight. scalp trouble or traction alopecia..
The new hair extension feels like one's own hairs, so, one can perm, blow dry, color, ironing and combing the hairs as if they are one's own hairs. When original hairs grow, one can have a retouching session to make the connecting knot closer to the hair roots.
It's cheaper than wigs and comfortable and easy to maintain in day to day life. Therefore, the rate of customer revisit is very high so the profit gets high also.

There are more and more people who are worried about their thinning hair caused by stressful and aging lifestyle nowadays.
- Lady's hair thinning problem around the crown of the head and post natal hair loss
- Men's thinning hair problem around the crown of the head and M shaped hair loss.
- People who are suffering from alopecia areata
- People who want to have hairs full and with volume
- People who are worried about wider hair parting
We recommend the treatment for the customers stated above.
What is scalp therapy?
Healthy scalp is the source of healthy hairs. Scalp is where the cells create hairs gets produced.
The skin around the scalp is thinner than the facial skin, therefore, sensitive and weak, so it gets influenced by UV rays easily. As one ages, problems such as tangled up hairs, interruption of blood circulation, hair loss, hair thinning and no elasticity arise. Therefore, one has to maintain hygiene by removing remaining sebum or dirts and promote metabolic function through head massage etc.


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