Korean Style Semi Permanent Make-up
Course Introduction
Korean Semi Permanent Make-up is the main course of the academy. The course has been established to train the best semi permanent make-up instructors. Even a student who doesn’t have previous knowledge of the make-up can take this course. The academy teaches the most sought after semi permanent make-up design for eyebrow, eye line, lips. After graduating from the school, a graduate can perform design and treatment on her own. The course is overall crash course among all the short courses.
- Free gift of course practice kit
- Course certificate is given to the students who pass the exam
The objectives of talent cultivation
Learning high quality semi permanent make-up is the basic requirement. One also need to have professional knowledge and fashion sense. After the course, one will be able to design various type of eye, eye line, lip designs.
Course Contents (20% Theory Course + 80% Practical Course)
  • Semi Permanent Make-up Theory
    Woman’s Beauty / The difference between semi permanent make-up and tattoo
  • Skin
    Introduction to dermatology / Special characteristics of skin
  • Eyebrow
    Micro-shading/Luxurious salon embroidery technique (Micro-blading)
    / Feathering technique/Micro-stippling/3D technique/4D technique/Combination technique
    / Mikwang’s new technique/Special Men’s eyebrow
  • Eye line
    3 Step eye line/ Water drop eye line
  • Lips
    Line technique/Full techinique/Micro-shading technique
  • Customer management education
    Customer Consultaion / Customer management/ Personality education/ Mind control education
  • Color
    Chromatics/Color Mix/Color modification lesson Hygiene education, Lessons on products


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