We are all day school.
You have to satisfy our marking system and have to fulfill
all the grade requirements.
  • Courses
    10 day course, 7 day course, 5 day course
  • Application condition
    1. one with passport and no criminal records
    2. One who are interested in beauty therapy and wants to open his or her own shop
  • Application Process
    1. Application Period : Mon-Fri
    2. Application Process: Fill in the application form and scan your ID (passport) and visa and email it to kiyung113@gmail.com
    3. After reviewing your application, we’ll inform you about admission
    4. We do not send back the application
  • Rules of Application
    1. One application in a week and enroll maximum 10 people
    2. After maximum people are enrolled, the students applied later have to be taking the next course
    3. First come first served basis
    4. We take 10% deposit for tuition fee. The remainder can be paid at your arrival (5 days after the starting day, no refund is available)
  • Contact
    Address: 4F Indang Bldg, 40 Usadan-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    Post code: 04349
    Inquiry Line: +82-2-790-1196
    Fax: +82-2-797-1195
    Website: www.koreamikwang.net


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