Principle Kim Hwa Ryoung / Vivian Kim
Korea Mikwang Academy is focusing on training professionals for luxurious salon technique based on our knowhow of treating many VIP customers and also by combining K-beauty make-up style and the core technology of beauty salon.
Korea Mikwang Academy is also concentrating on educating practical technique and concept of beauty to enhance the quality of semi permanent make-up to keep pace with The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
So far, many Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy graduates who have acquired K-beauty skills are spreading the skills and knowledge all over the world.
We are also learning constantly to keep in touch with new trend and beauty to provide better education.
Our philosophy is to help making affluent life for ladies and make our students to have confidence with their skills.
That's why we are combining technique education with mind setting and marketing education.
You can learn how to manage luxurious beauty salon and positive mind set and confidence to spread K-Beauty regime and kind and caring attitude to catch customer's heart. We promise to upgrade you one step higher after meeting us.
The moment you meet Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy, you are already a successful person. Thank you.
  • Principle
    Vivian Kim

KOLORSOURCE Color Master Trainer for professional Pigmentation
KOLORSOURCE Color Blending Education for Professional Pigmentation
Professional Make-up Artist
KOLORSOURCE Master Trainer
KOLORSOURCE Color Education for Master Trainer
Brand Beauty Salon Mind Education

2001 Red fox beauty Shop Dean
2006 Happy & beauty Shop Dean
2011 MaNo Total Shop Dean

Present) The Seri beauty Salon-beauty artist
Train more than 60 South Korea Miss famous salon
Present) Lisienne chief physician of dermatology
Is now famous salon technical education committee
Is the actor, the musical "Three Musketeers" actors, magazine models, fashion models, SBS "dear" starter group, KLPGA players,
Miss Korea and other VIP customer management
Is the South Korean semi - permanent association judges
  • Chloe Park
    Majored in Western Art at Sungshin Womans University
    KOLORSOURCE Color Master Trainer for
    professional Pigmentation
    KOLORSOURCE Color Blending Education for
    Professional Pigmentation
    Professional Make-up Artist
    AMIEA Color Master Trainer
    Review panel at IFBC International Beauty Artists Expo
    Chief of review panel at KIBE International Beauty Skills Competition
    Review Panel at Beauty G-job Youth Expo
    1st grade certificate of ISO semi permanent make-up qualification
    Instructor qualification at ISO semi permanent make-up
    RICA Diploma
    Holiday Diploma
  • Racheal Jang
    Majored in English Literature at Sungshin Womans University
    Professional Beauty Consultant
    Grand Prize at IFBC International Beauty Artist Expo
    Member of review panel of IFBC international Beauty Artists Expo
    Head of Semi permanent make-up team at Barbie Academy
    1st grade certificate of ISO semi permanent make-up
    1st grade certificate of ISO eyelash extension
    ISO semi permanent make-up instructor
    ISO eyelash extension instructor
    Present) Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy instructor
  • Mirae Jang
    Translator for Korean Mikwang Beauty Academy
    Korean Mikwang Beauty Academy Instructor
    ISO Semi Permanent Make-up Qualification
    Special Award for Korean Eyelash Extension Competition
    Review Panel at Korea Beauty Skills Competition
    3 times Gold Prize Winner at IFBC International Beauty Competition
    Review Panel at IFBC International Beauty Competition
  • Suzie Bae
    Skin Care Instructor
    Gold Prize at Asia Beauty Competition
    Achievement Award at Korean Beauty Culture Foundation
    Review Panel at IFBC International Beauty Competition
    Review Panel at International Beauty Competition
    Senior Instructor
  • Min Jung Lee
    Nail Art Instructor
    Gold Prize Winner at International Beauty Art & Design International Invitation Exhibition
    Review Panel at Korean Beauty Skills Competition
    Gold Prize Winner at International Nail Art Skills Competition
    Review Panel at International Beauty Competition
    1st grade Nail Art Instructer
    Korean Nail Art Qualification
  • Ji Hye Bae
    Majored in Beauty at Kunkook University
    Principle of Face Line 79 beauty shop
    Makeup artist for super talent of the world
    Commercial make-up artist for Selfie stick
    Special make-up artist for Designer’s Ability Korea
    Make-up Artist of Asia Pacific Fashion Show
    Member of review panel of International Beauty Skills competition
  • Sil Hyun Jung
    Major in Esthetic at Seo Kang University
    1st degree specialist at Korea Beauty Council
    Korean Beauty National Qualification Instructer
    Queen Skin Esthetic Center Principle
    Ivy Cosmetic Surgery Counselor
    Special Instructer at Skin Care class
    Review Panel at 2013 World Beauty Exhibition Skills Competition
    Member of 2014 Beauty Skills Competition
    Skin Care Therapist for SBS
    Review Panel of National Beauty Skills Competition
  • Ji-Yeon Kim
    Principle of Dip nail
    1st grade instructor of Korean Nail Skills Council, KPNT
    Nail instructor of Korean Industry Human Resources Management Council
    First Class professional nail skills
    Awarded at Odyssey Global Nail Cup Tip Overlay-one ton
    Grand Prize of Nail Expo Silk Extension Professional technician part
    Awarded for professional at BINAIL Plane art Professional
    Member of review panel at 2014 BETA Beauty Competition
    Special instructor of Gangnam Nail management center
  • So Yeon Kim
    Seoul Institute of Art
    Stylist for newscaster
    Stylist for magazine
    Stylist for TV commercial
    Review panel at Korea Stylist Council
    Stylist for Airline Crew
    Apex Bronze Award at National Stylist Competition
    Stylist Course at Ewha Womans University
    Special stylist instructer at Shinsaegae Department store
    Stylist team leader
  • Young Kwang Kim
    Majored in Hair Design at Seo Kang University
    Vice President of Show Beauty Salon
    1st grade national qualification of hair design
    Review panel at international hair and skin competition
    Beauty skills development council special instructer
    Member of scalp and hair treatment council
    Grand prize at KEB Cup beauty competition scalp massage sector
    Review panel at international beauty hair style competition
    1st award at international hair perm competition
    Grand prize at up-style hair section
  • Eun-Bi Kwak
    Majored in Beauty at Joongang Womans University
    Member of Korean Health Maangement Council
    Member of review panel at international beauty and art culture competition
    Special instructor of Line Beauty School
    Grand Prize at Korean eyelash extension competition
    Member of review panel of Korea Semi permanent make-up competition
    Casted as a instructor at Korean On Style Get it Beauty
    Special Instructor of Beauty up Choice
    Special make-up instructor of ESMOD Lecture
  • Mi Yeon Hwang
    Majored in nail art at Korea institute of total art
    Nail art training in the U.K. for a year
    Graduate from specialist course at UK waxing council
    National nail art qualification
    Grand prize at Korean waxing competition
    Review panel at Korea waxing competition
    Senior education member
  • Bo-Young Kang
    Majored in Hair design at Seo kang University
    Principle of The seri Hair salon
    Graduated from UK Vidal Sassoon Innovation Course
    Compeletion of a course about trendy cut, hair dye and hair perm in Japan
    Participation of musical called (When man is in love)
    Scalp and hair special treatment qualification
    Seasonal scalp and hair therapy
    Training at Herb Stem scalp therapy


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