Welcome to Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy.
Nowadays, Korean beauty culture has become one of the best in the world along with the fast development of Korean Wave contents..
Korean beauty technique has also become the best of the best in its sensitivity.
This is the origin of Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy..
Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy don't compete with other Korean peers. We are making our way to the world..
The world is wide..
And Mikwang's technique is the best.?
What more do we need to say?.
You can also be the best when you meet Korea Mikwang Academy..
Be a beautician who works in the world market. It is not mere a dream anymore..
Professional Academy + The place where you achieve a new record of foreign business !
That's Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy.

The advantages of learning at Korea Mikwang Academy which designs your thought
* 1:1 tailor made education
* Incubating your business opening
* Practical education -------> Raising a professional
* Life long education system until the students is satisfied
* Incubating your overseas expansion including China, South East Asia and Europe
* Individual tailor made consulting education – Intensive caring system by managers in charge
* Professional instructors with more than 10 years of practical experience
* Design and practical technique education
* Various theoretical education, mind control education, service education
* Assignment of our instructors and holding technique seminar to foreign branches and partner beauty academy
* Running a professional foreign marketing team which separate and manage academic and business parts.
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